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NuGen Systems has developed advanced Lithium-ion, rechargeable battery-based solutions optimized to meet the power, energy, quality and safety requirements for the on-demand mobile services, recreational vehicles (RVs), material handling equipment markets, and other commercial markets such as Food Trucks, Carpet Cleaning Vans, Work Trucks, Recovery Vehicles, etc.

These New Power and Energy Solutions are designed to directly replace and disrupt in-efficient, fossil fuel based Legacy alternatives currently used by Fleets and Businesses. For example, NuGen’s “NuGenerator” products are intended to provide a clean and green alternative to Gas/Diesel generators and their 12V, 24V and 48V Lithium-ion batteries, along with their patented communications module, are designed to replace highly in-efficient Lead Acid batteries.

NuGen Systems also works with customers and provides its design and battery expertise to create easy, custom solutions using their modular, flexible designs to reduce costs and time to deploy unique configurable options for their customers.

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