Our Mission is to be the Leading Provider of Green Solutions that Disrupt and Directly Replace Legacy Solutions

NuGen Systems has developed advanced Lithium ion rechargeable battery solutions optimized to meet the power, energy, quality and safety requirements for the indoor material handling equipment market and other commercial markets. These batteries can directly replace existing lead acid batteries currently used by most suppliers of material handling equipment. Further, NuGen Systems also works with customers and provides its design and battery expertise to create custom solutions for fossil fuel replacements (i.e. gas generators), specialty equipment and clean power needs.

Legacy Solutions Replacement for lead acid and other fossil fuel products

  • Clean and Green Energy Solutions – NuGen Systems batteries can directly replace existing lead acid batteries currently used in most material handling equipment. Some of the advantages of NuGen’s advanced Li-ion batteries over lead acid batteries include:
    • Faster recharging
      (including opportunity charge at, as high as, 180A)
    • Longer life cycles (3000 cycles)
    • 100% Charge efficiency
    • Maintenance-free
  • Experience – 50 patents and 100 years – NuGen’s founding team has more than 50 patents and 100 years of experience in developing and launching engineering and power solutions with Fortune 50 companies across a variety of consumer and industrial markets.
  • Partners – NuGen has also built a network of partners that includes well established cell suppliers, component and contract manufacturers, and in-depth testing organizations to ensure that the product is delivered to meet high quality and stringent reliability standards.


New Power. New Energy. NuGen.

Broad Range of Disruptive Applications